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Smitten & Enchanted is an 18-week Intimate Coaching Circle for 2 to 8 women.

The Next Circle will open on  July 27, 2014

or Create a Private Circle with Girlfriends*

Smitten & Enchanted is designed to help you create a daily life that you love. Too often, we women are so busy trying to suzy-parker---acrilan-1955-001keep up appearances or striving for that Perfect Moment that we are unable to find the beauty in our every day lives.

In order to do this, we have to step away from our Busy as a Badge of Honor and begin to focus on what really matters. The challenge, however, is to get there.  Sure, we know what we want (in general terms) but without a little help, we’re unable to clear away the clutter of living to find the gems.

Isn’t it time you became smitten with your own fabulously imperfect life? Isn’t it time that you became enchanted with yourself?

Let’s step away from the need for perfection. Toss aside the labels. And become besotted with the art of living.

What’s the curriculum?

I’ve actually created two 18-week courses for the Smitten & Enchanted Series.

Smitten & Enchanted (Part One)  is all about rebuilding your foundation, Suzy Parker for Ship & Shore (1955)removing blocks, and taking the reins on your life. It’s about living artfully each day. It’s about fine tuning what you really want and making it a reality.

For those who complete Part One and want more, I’ve also outlined a Smitten & Enchanted (Part Two), which is designed as a deep dive into vulnerability. Exposing our fears, releasing the constant shoulds and need for perfection, and taking control of energy management.

Lessons contain tools for exploring areas of your life, journaling assignments to help you re-discover your core, activities to help you redefine who you want to be in this world, and the creation of a plan to achieve your dreams.

I’m a realist and know that every-day-life goes on while you’re doing a course.  My goal is for you to become enchanted with your daily life.  That’s going to mean deleting what isn’t working for you, being willing to restructure how you approach the day, creating and artful approach for living.

You’ll also be creating goals that work for you – and actually accomplishing them.

What’s the investment?

Let’s talk time, first.

The class has 18 individual lessons, which will be delivered on Sunday. Each lesson will take from Suzy Parker for Monet (1956)30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. The lessons build upon each other, so though the material is presented in a linear fashion, it’s all related.

Why 18 weeks?  I have participated in programs lasting from 30 days to 8 months. Each program had its positives and I grew from each experience.

I offer programs that are 30 days in length and a 12-month program. I wanted something a little more robust than the 30 Days to Clarity courses, and after talking a variety of women, have come to understand that 12-months is a challenging commitment for some ladies.

So, I created a happy medium of 18 weeks.

Why one lesson per week? Because I know that you are busy. That life ebbs and flows. For a short time, you can manage a lesson a day…but once you hit the 4 week mark, most folks find it overwhelming.

Only one lesson per week allows you to focus on your own growth without taking over your life.

What about coaching and group coaching?

Each participant of the course gets 5  one-on-one coaching sessions. This Suzy Parker for Bardley (1957)means that once the curriculum is completed, you still have some one-on-one support.

And, while I believe that everyone has the answers inside of themselves as to what is right for their life, we often need help to find the answers with just the right question. Coaching also gives you support, encouragement, accountability, and the wisdom of someone that’s been there.

There will also be 3 group calls during our time together. If the participants like, I will also create a private (and secret) Facebook Group for regular interaction with each other.

Investing in – and building camaraderie with others that you can trust will keep you motivated when your well is dry.  A support society will also give you a shoulder to cry on with the loving kick in the pants to move forward.

I’m limiting the size of the group to no more than 8 women. This way, everyone gets to be an active participant in the group.

What’s the Financial Investment?

If you want to pay upfront for your Smitten & Enchanted experience, the investment is $597.  If you need a more budget-friendly payment plan, it can be billed over 5 months at $137 a month.

*What’s this about a Private Girlfriend’s Circle?

Some ladies already have a group of friends they trust. I was approached by a client recently that wanted to do a course with a group of local ladies, they just needed someone to facilitate it.  So, if this sounds like you, I will happily facilitate a Smitten & Enchanted program for two to eight friends.

Smitten & Enchanted.

An Intimate Circle Coaching Program.

Become Smitten with Yourself. Become Enchanted with Your Life.

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