S mitten & Enchanted  is an 18-week Intimate Circle Coaching Program designed to help you create a daily life that you love.

suzyparker_Too often, we women are so busy trying to keep up appearances or striving for that “Perfect Moment” that we are unable to find the beauty in our every day lives.

In order to do this, we have to step away from our Busy as a Badge of Honor and begin to focus on what really matters.

Isn’t it time that you create the kind of life you dreamed of?

To be the woman you always knew you could be?

The challenge, however, is to get from “here” to “there”.  Sure, we know what we want (in general terms) but without a little help, we’re unable to clear away the clutter of living to find the gems that simply need to be unearthed.

We want to sparkle in our every day lives, but feel dull and boring.

You don’t have to do this alone.  It’s time, darling,  to traverse out of limbo and into a daily life that feels nourishing, supportive, and lush.

Smitten & Enchanted includes 18 weekly lessons and activities to help you envision  what you really desire and the create a plan for getting there.

But this isn’t just an e-class. Along with the curriculum, you get one-on-one coaching support. And a built in support society with group calls.

Isn’t it time you became smitten with your own fabulously imperfect life?

Isn’t it time that you became enchanted with yourself?

Let’s step away from the need for perfection. Toss aside the labels.

And become besotted with the art of living.

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